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One that takes intention and ongoing commitment. What would it take for you to take the next step? Discover how healing environments, shared experience, and transformative journeys can be a powerful spark for your transformation.

Transformation is a process.

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Grounded in movement, intuition, meditation, and breathwork techniques, my retreats create transformative yoga and coaching experiences. Deepen the connection between your body, mind, and spirit at an upcoming retreat.



Mindfulness practices completely changed my life. I went from feeling constantly anxious and stressed to calm, relaxed and peaceful. After years of exploring, studying and teaching mindfulness practices it is time to further pass this knowledge on to others. During this intimate 1:1 program I will teach you meditation & mindfulness practices. The 4 sessions will take place via zoom. We will dive deep into the areas of Meditation, Mindful Movement & Breathing as well as Mindful Listening and Mindfulness in your daily life. 

feel mentally or physically tired 
 lost the connection to yourself 
 find yourself in light & irregular sleep cycles 
 your day to day life feels meaningless & task driven
 have a hard time to stick to routines
 want to calm & relax your mind 
 seek to learn tools & techniques to implement in your daily life 
 experience feeling of grounding, confidence & rootedness in body 
 act from a place of calmness rather than a place of confusion, reactiveness & fear 

This program is for you when you: 

Mindfulness means to consciously focus your attention on the present moment - without trying to change or judge it. Being present is a skill that anyone already has, it is only about learning how you can access and utilize it.

4 x 75 min 1:1 Sessions • 666€ • online via Zoom


*No previous experience in breathwork, meditation or energy work is needed to join the session. 

Are you ready to tap into the power of your breath? 
Your breath represents your life force. And the quality of your breath is an expression of your overall state of being. 

Using the powerful combination of breath and sound, I will guide you through a dynamic trance meditation. Through conscious, focused and full breathing you will experience a transcendental & extended state of consciousness. This state will allow you to change perspectives and set transformation processes in motion. 

Expect to fully perceive yourself, cultivate self-awareness and experience a deep state of relaxation in a safe space.

In Person only • 100€

Catch me between Germany, Portugal & Bali

Transformational 1:1 Breathwork Session


felt deeply confident in your decisions and weren't reliant on external validation to set the course of your life?

move through life with a sense of strong direction, meaning and ease?

had the tools to manage your own energy levels and the ability to coach yourself through challenging emotions & situations?

What if you...

INNERGETICS is a 12-week OR 5 month coaching program that taps into the power of mindset, energy management, and embodiment so you can reclaim your lost energy and create the higher vibration life you want.

You shouldn’t have to settle for a life where you feel lost, overwhelmed, and unfulfilled.

It's called Innergetics.

my signature program


Reconnect your body, mind, and spirit with ancient mindfulness practices. As a 800+ hours certified yoga, breathwork, and meditation teacher, I host regular healing experiences – both intimate 1:1 private classes and workshops for festivals or corporate team building. 



Sound has become the new medicine. Calming frequencies clear energetic blockages and quiet your nervous system. With reduced stress from the stimulus of the physical world, you’re better able to sink into deep states of relaxation and treat everything from sleeplessness, stress, anxiety, grief, and physical pain for a sense of inner peace. Private or group sessions are available.



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