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Learn to manage it and create a life that's authentically attuned to you.

Your energy is precious.

It’s your turn to experience real fulfillment.

And I’m not talking about fulfillment from what should make you happy, but what genuinely makes you feel alive. If you feel emotionally overwhelmed, lost, stuck in old cycles, exhausted, or just *not that excited* about the life you’re living, it’s time to reclaim your energy.

With empowerment and mindset coaching, you can lead your own transformation. I’ll give you the tools you need to start living as your most embodied, higher self so you can experience the genuine fulfillment you deserve.

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My holistic approach


Our bodies communicate with us constantly – it’s up to us to read the signs. Since completing a 500h+ yoga teacher training in Hatha, Vinyasa, restorative, and Yin yoga with some of the world's top teachers, I’ve been developing my own teaching style. One informed by conscious movement and mind-body connection. Through a supportive yoga practice, I help you become aware of blockages in your physical and emotional body and use yoga to release blocked energy and deepen self-awareness. 


Every emotion is connected with a specific breathing pattern. By changing the quality of your breath, you can influence your emotional state of being. Through 1:1 sessions, we’ll discover a breathwork routine so you experience the transformative role of breathwork in managing your emotions as well as reducing anxiety and managing energy.


Ready to access your inner world? Build a deep connection with yourself? Experience greater peace and calm within? A meditation practice can help. Starting my own practice at 15, I have firsthand experience with the transformative methods of ancient, visualization, mantra (sound), and mindfulness meditation. Let me give you the tools to deepen mindfulness and improve your sense of presence.


Having studied coaching techniques like NLP, Hypnosis, Time Techniques, EFT, mindset, success coaching, and pranic healing, I connect you with the tools and techniques that will most radically change your experience. You will discover your own inner cosmos and develop a deep understanding of your physical, emotional, intellectual, social & spiritual self. Together we will work through limitations, release any blockages that keep you from moving forward, and clarify your life purpose. 


Sound has become the new medicine. Calming frequencies clear energetic blockages and quiet your nervous system. With reduced stress from the stimulus of the physical world, you’re better able to sink into deep states of relaxation and treat everything from sleeplessness, stress, anxiety, grief, and physical pain for a sense of inner peace. 

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Have you been feeling depleted lately? This can happen when your energy is focused everywhere but within. In this 15-minute Energy Shift Meditation, I’ll guide you to renewed energy and empowerment using the methods I personally use to boost my energy levels and get my focus back to myself.

Experience an energetic shift with a 15-minutes meditation.

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What’s life calling on you to do?

Too many of us spend our lives unfulfilled and disconnected. At least that was my story. But when you break free from expectation and start to trust your inner knowing, everything has the potential to change.

I’m Friederike. For me, reclaiming my power meant making courageous changes three years ago and led me to Bali for my first yoga teacher training. Your journey may begin with a similar act of courage – big or small – that brings you closer to the life you desire. 

As a mindset and empowerment coach, I empower soulful women and men to connect with their authentic selves and create their own way of living.

When you focus your attention inward, a life full of potential will follow.